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Reservations - Study Rooms


  • The grid below shows study room availability for today:

    • Green = room available

    • Red = room booked

    • Blue = room not available, based on date or time of day

  • Use the calendar on the left to choose a day in the future.

  • Click in the green squares for the room(s) and start time(s) you prefer.  The square will turn orange when you select it.

  • Your selection information will appear below the grid, under “Booking Details.”

  • Click on the drop-down arrow to select your end time(s)

  • Click on “Continue” to proceed.

  • Provide your personal information and click the “Submit My Booking” button.

  • A green “Success!” box will appear beneath the grid, and your selected square(s) will turn red if your reservation is accepted.

  • If you attempt to make an incorrect reservation, a red error message will appear when you click “Submit My Booking,” stating the reason for the problem.

  • For successful reservations, you will receive a confirmation email from LibCal-Kaplan Library with details for your reservation. 

  • Instructions for canceling a reservation are included in the confirmation.  Please cancel all unwanted reservations to free the room for other students and preserve your daily reservation privileges.

  • If you wish to add your study room reservation to an Outlook calendar, click on your confirmation email's attachment.  You will then receive a reminder before your reservation time.

View Study Room Reservation Policies.  

View library FAQs.

For questions and assistance, call the Kaplan Library Check-out Desk at 845-569-3600

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